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Lesson 1 : Get to Know Your Spine    start
Lesson 2 : The Structure from the Hip to the Foot    start
Lesson 3 : The Structure of Arms and Hands    start
Lesson 4 : The Structure of the Skull    start
Lesson 5 : Vision of the Human Skeleton    start
Lesson 6 : Vision of the Human Body    start
Lesson 7 : The Function of the Vertebrae    start
Lesson 8 : Subluxation    start
Lesson 9 : Carpal Tunnel Syndrome    start
Lesson 10 : Relief from Headaches    start
Lesson 11 : Understanding Disc Problems    start
Lesson 12 : Relief from Neck Pain    start
Lesson 13 : Relief from Sciatic Pain    start
Lesson 14 : Sleeping Fit - A Better Way to Sleep and Feel Rested    start
Lesson 15 : Sitting Fit - A Better Way to Make a Living While Sitting    start
Lesson 16 : Sciatica:Hip-to-Foot Burning, Back and Leg Pain, Numbness    start
Lesson 17 : Subluxation    start
Lesson 18 : Exercise    start
Lesson 19 : Exercise-Taichi    start
Lesson 20 : Exercise-Taichi    start
Lesson 21 : Exercise-Taichi    start
Lesson 22 : Exercise-Ball    start

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
These tips can help you steer clear of pain & keep you feeling your best.