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Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Kathleen Voortmann has opened a chiropractic and Nutrition Natural Improvement Center in Clear Lake on Highway 18, across from the softball diamond. Dr. Voortmann received her doctorate and bachelor degree in human biology at Northwestern Chiropractic College in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Beyond chiropractic schooling, Dr. Voortmann has taken classes with the emphasis on advance Nutrition, children, pregnant woman, and methods to custom tailor each patient's needs for their health wellness plan.
"My husband and I both grew up around the Clear Lake area, so we were looking for a friendly and supportive community in the area to raise our family. We both knew Clear Lake was the answer! Since family is very important to me, the clinic is designed to be family friendly. I would like to thank all the community members that are supportive of the clinic."
The clinic has the latest technology introduced to chiropractic and nutrition to show the patient's progress on their way to optimal health. The substation scans the back and allows the doctor and the patient to know if their nerves are working properly. Nerves go to every organ and tissue of the body, therefore it is very important to make sure they are working properly. You and your family's optimal health can be achieved and improved with the help of chiropractic and nutrition. Once achieved, you will learn the importance of maintenance as a part of your healthy lifestyle.  Our newest technology called the HRV shows us how healthy your body systems are and your physical age.
The doctor has gone through many health challenges that has led her to using Natural Health Solutions to find the cause and fix the body.  " Going through my health challenges allows me to know what patients are feeling when he/she comes in for help," saids Dr. Voortmann.
     The doctor is involved with:
  •                    International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
  •                    Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake 

Sciatica:Hip-to-Foot Burning, Back and Leg Pain, Numbness
These tips can help you steer clear of pain & keep you feeling your best.