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Chiropractic Testimonials:
“After many years of playing golf, baseball, basketball and everything else associated with sports, I found myself unable to walk without the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced in my life.

I had spent time prior to this, visiting doctors and chiropractors all over the Midwest , attempting to ease the pain in my lower back.

I did, finally, get some temporary relief with shots directly into the spinal cord.  However, these would only help for about 30 days.  Back surgery to fuse vertebra together proved to be of no help.

A year after my surgery, my wife also and some back discomfort.  She made an appointment with Dr. Voortmann in Clear Lake .  During her visit, she discovered that the Dr. had, had some success in treating people with spinal fusions, such as I had done.  Within minutes of hearing this, I made an appointment and 4 weeks of treatment later I had very little pain left to cope with.  Six to 8 weeks later I had no pain at all!!!!

Thank you Dr. Voortmann for a life without back problem, how great is that!!

I came in for lower back pain and neck pain. Now the pain is gone and I can sleep all night!

Jim Frederick
Nutrition Testimonials:

Since I have been doing the NRT Program, I can say that I haven’t felt this good in 30 years.  I truly believe I have found the program that is going to make me well.  I feel fantastic, I have more energy, more motivation, mind is not in a fog, and I can actually say without a doubt that my heart is much stronger. I am proof that it works!

Linda B

Restless legs kept me up at night.  I could only ride in a car for two hours.  The legs were just annoying, I couldn’t sit still, kind of hurt, but really just annoying. I had to take Advil to go to a three hour movie before legs started acting up around 9:30 pm every night.  Exercise and Advil helped sometimes.  Now I can sleep comfortably most of the time.  If I forget minerals my legs tell me so.  I can sit on the floor and I get up easier now.
Dawn Theilen
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