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Chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing SM Testimonials

I had pain in the left hip that not even spinal surgery would help.  After 3 months of NRT, I have no pain in the left hip and can walk better.    AD Nutrition Response Testing Patient


Before coming to Voortmann Chiropractic and Natural Body Restoration, I used to sleep 15-20 hours a day, had no energy, no appetite, no emotional stability, and a lot of physical pain.  I felt like I should be staying in a nursing home or at a hospital.  Now, I sleep half as much and feel like I could run a marathon.  I eat 5 small healthy meals a day.  I have had no physical pain for about 2 weeks and am finally nearing emotional stability.  I feel my age and possibly younger.  Life is so much easier now than ever before.

                   Janessa Reding  Nutrition Response Testing Patient

Before I started Dr. Voortmann’s Program, I had severe headaches on a daily basis.  I was taking ibuprofen at least twice a day.  Some days, the HEADACHES were so BAD I couldn’t even think at work.  The headaches are gone and I feel a lot BETTER.  I may have an occasional “mild” headache, but nothing that I can’t handle. 
        John S.  Nutrition Response Testing Patient

I started coming to Dr. Voortmann this past March for Nutrition Response Testing.  For the most part, I consider myself a healthy individual that very rarely goes to the doctor except for my yearly physical.   Each year my complaint is the same – I am tired.  I have been sleep deprived for the past 20+ years living in a state of Exhaustion.  Waking up several times during the night & ending up in the recliner has been an every night occurrence for that long.  Mornings would find me feeling sluggish, sore and my body would pop like a bowl of Rice Crispy’s on my way downstairs.  After checking labs and all the usual things, my health provider would have no answers for me.  I am not a fan of taking any medication so taking a sleeping aide was not an option.  I was told that since I don’t drink pop, coffee or other caffeinated beverages,  a pop or two a day might help give me a boost.  That was not okay.  All that did was make me feel bloated, gassy & didn’t do anything for my energy level.   Upon coming to Dr. Voortmann and doing Nutrition Response Testing, I have started on natural supplements that are geared to give my body what it needs & has been lacking as well as getting rid of toxins.  Keeping a food diary & going over it was something that Dr. Voortmann did with me that no medical provider ever took the time to do.  Taking in her suggestions & kicking the pop out the door has been helpful.  Over the past couple of months, I have started to notice changes and feel different.  I feel like my body is slowly rejuvenating little by little.  I am actually sleeping soundly through the night 3-4 nights a week now which is HUGE for me.  It has made such a difference in my mental clarity & my morning stiffness is so much better!  Although my results aren’t instant, I know that I am on my way to a healthier me. I didn’t just get this way overnight, so I know it won’t be a quick fix. I am confident that if you keep an open mind, committ and give Nutrition Response Testing a chance, it WILL make a difference for you like it has for me.  ~ I am now starting NRT with my 9 year old daughter in hopes of getting my whole family on board!


Joan J Nutrition Response Testing Patient

An actual email is below.  The patient gave permission to post it.  Nutrition Response Testing Testimonial
To: voortmannchiro

Just had to report that I had a FANTASTIC day, feeling the greatest ever! Not this desire to EAT everything I see, NO desire or want to feeling at all today, WOW what a GREAT feeling, what a GREAT day! Wondering why I can not have these days every day! I desire to have many many more days like this...also, had my hair cut yesterday, my hairdresser is amazed how thick those new dark hairs are coming in and there seems to be more and more each time, yippy! She is wondering will all my white hair turn back to my dark brown or maybe just be a salt and pepper look, and how long might this take to make a complete change? She is in awe of this process, as I am too! Today just encourages me that I will get to my pot of gold, losing weight and being this healthy person. I thank God for you and what you have done for me. See you Thursday!

Abundant Blessings 

Linda B 


I was constantly tired, fatigued, and depressed.  I am energized,happy and have a general sense of well being.  My body feels like it likes itself.  I rarely get sick anymore and I sleep better.          Karen T.    Nutrition Response Testing Patient

I suffered from IBS, bloating, indigestion, and constipation for about 2 ½  years.  I went to Mayo Clinic and had several tests run and was told I had dumping syndrome.  There are no pills for this condition.  So I just watched what I ate.  1 week on the supplements and taking wheat and gluten out of my diet, I now can eat and not have bloating, indigestion, and constipation problems.  I also have more energy and sleep better at night!           
Chris   Nutrition Response Testing Patient


 Restless legs kept me up at night.  I could only ride in a car for two hours.  The legs were just annoying, I couldn’t sit still, kind of hurt, but really just annoying. I had to take Advil to go to a three hour movie before legs started acting up around 9:30 pm every night.  Exercise and Advil helped sometimes.  Now I can sleep comfortably most of the time.  If I forget minerals my legs tell me so.  I can sit on the floor and I get up easier now.

Dawn T.   Nutriton Response Testing Patient
I am pregnant and was suffering from nausea and vomiting and low energy.  After 10 days - I haven’t vomited in 3 days, my nausea has improved a lot and my energy level is increasing.        Cathy McMahon  Nutrition Response Testing Patient

I came in for lower back pain and neck pain. Now the pain is gone and I can sleep all night!

Jim Frederick                      Chiropractic



“Before I came into Dr. Voortmann, I had high blood sugars due to type I diabetes, chronic fatigue, brain fog, intense sugar cravings and many other conditions that overwhelmed me and my health. Several weeks later after treatment my sugar cravings have gone down and my sugar levels have gone down 18 points and stabilized! I have more energy to keep up with my toddler daughter and I’m looking forward to my health improving even more! I have already seen improvements just in the last week”, she concluded.

Jennifer W.   Nutrition Response Testing Patient


“I use to feel tired, lethargic, and hungry all the time!  Now I don’t feel hungry all the time, and find myself busier due to that I not sleeping!!!                           
 T.O.   Nutrition Response Testing Patient


  I was so tired and had no energy.  Now I feel more energy.  I can now do my favorite work out! I’m so happy now.

 F.        A.   


B    Before I started the nutrition program, stress controlled my life. My heart would race and I became very moody and always had a headache. Now my husband says that he is so happy that I am on the nutrition response program. He says that I am a lot happier and he is amazed how well I can handle stress now.

       Kristi Boston  Nutrition Response Testing Patient  

Every now and then I come in with a new health issue, ache or pain just to keep Dr. Voortmann on her toes.  She always figures it out on how to “fix it”


Mary G.  Chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing Patient


“After many years of playing golf, baseball, basketball and everything else associated with sports, I found myself unable to walk without the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced in my life.

I had spent time prior to this, visiting doctors and chiropractors all over the Midwest , attempting to ease the pain in my lower back.

I did, finally, get some temporary relief with shots directly into the spinal cord.  However, these would only help for about 30 days.  Back surgery to fuse vertebra together proved to be of no help.

A year after my surgery, my wife also and some back discomfort.  She made an appointment with Dr. Voortmann in Clear Lake .  During her visit, she discovered that the Dr. had, had some success in treating people with spinal fusions, such as I had done.  Within minutes of hearing this, I made an appointment and 4 weeks of treatment later I had very little pain left to cope with.  Six to 8 weeks later I had no pain at all!!!!

Thank you Dr. Voortmann for a life without back problem, how great is that!!!  


-Robert, Chiropractic Patient



My wrist always hurt. It got so I couldn’t lift anything very heavy. I was wearing a brace at night to try and help the pain.

Come to find out my thumb was the problem. My Chiropractor put my thumb back in place and now after some time I don’t even think about it. If it flares up, she fixes it right away.          Brenda H.   Chiropractic 

  My daughter was diagnosed with ADD 2 years ago. Her father and I really struggled on the idea of giving her a “magic pill” to control her ADD symptoms. We tried to do everything from extra help & tutoring to keep her off of the medications. Finally the principal sat us down & explained to us that our daughter was struggling and we needed to go with the concerta her doctor had prescribed. She was put on a high dose of the medication. While being on the medicine she did do better at school but she also had a “zombie” type appearance and lost her personality. After talking to Dr. Voortmann about how unhappy I was about putting my daughter on the concerta. We explored the different routes we could take with the NRT program. Since my daughter has been on the NRT, her mental focus has improved dramatically and she has gone down to the lowest dose available on the concerta. It has been an amazing transformation!

Shauna Hakes, Nutrition Response Testing Patient
I used to have VERY bad cramping with my menses for 2-3 days, which would result in me missing at least one day of school. After getting on the NRT program my menses have drastically improved. I have very minimal cramping for only the first day of my menses and I no longer miss any school.  
(teenager), Nutrition Response Testing and Chiropractic Patient

I was consistently tired, I could not concentrate, and I would wake up three to four times a night. Now I have lots of energy. I sleep through the night and my focus and concentration is much improved and getting better.

                                 -Jackie Johnson, Nutrition Response Testing Patient

I couldn’t walk without a cane and my shoulder and wrist were very sore.  In one week, I don’t use a cane and my wrist doesn’t hurt anymore.

                                     Jerry, Chiropractic Patient








Jerry Rice, Football Player, speaks about Chiropractic on youtube:










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