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No matter where you are~

I am so excited that you are HERE, on the path to making your life better. It tears my heart out to think of people suffering... alone. Reaching out is the most important, & hardest step.
You did it! You are here!

Please Read the heartfelt words my clients share below~
Clear Lake ~ Algona ~ & Emmetsburg...
Skype from anywhere! 
I proudly counsel people in need, all over our nation. 
  • I am a  Mental Health Professional with over 20 years of experience; holding nationally acclaimed certifications as a Therapist, Addictions Counselor, Domestic Violence Advocate, & Therapeutic Group Facilitator. 
  • I have an accredited Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling
  • I have specialized training as a Marriage Counselor, as a Spiritual Mentor, in Love & Logic Parenting, & Certified as a Family Trauma Professional
  • I have  also have a Masters in Public Administration.also,  and additional MBA training, to help those in business.
My passion is to help you to “Liberate Your Life”:
Body, Mind, & Spirit. 
My approach? I offer what you truly want.
Access when you want, from the comfort of your own home, via Skype or phone. No long wait for an appointment. No waiting room.  No crazy extensive paperwork. No records that an entire network of people could see. Maximum confidentiality.

Mostly, my clients love that my approach works. Often times in 2-4 sessions my clients feel better than they have felt in a long time. I am direct, honest, authentic, and compassionate.  I offer clear action steps, from the git-go, that will empower you live the life you truly desire. I go above and beyond to support you, even when we are not in session. I am in regular contact with my clients via, fb, email, text, etc., sharing helpful information, and encouragement.
I take a positive, forward-focus approach, that feels powerfully, empowering.

My hope is that you will call me for a free consult, to see if I am a good fit for you~ 515.341.5800. Let’s talk. Today.

 Business hours: M-F, 8-4 PM, CST; Sessions by appointment
 Fax) 515.679.4219
For more information, visit :

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